4 Easy Ways To Make The Switch To Paleo

4 Easy Ways To Make The Switch To Paleo

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Does the thought of switching to a Paleolithic diet seem daunting to you? All to often a haze of obstacles obscures the road to a big lifestyle change; some real and some imagined. But with these four easy steps you can be well on your way to eating healthier and living happier with a Paleo diet. For more information on myself, including my connection to the paleo diet and life aspirations, take a look at this recent interview from Inspirery.com.

Find What Motivates You

Many people turn to Paleo in an attempt to help with medical issues, such as GI problems, autoimmune conditions, and allergies. Some simply want to feel better day-to-day or believe that it’s the healthiest way to eat. Your reason will help determine the guidelines you follow and what you want to be meticulous about, Sanfilippo says. And be strict about your personal rules for the first 30 days, Stephenson

Clear Out Your Pantry

Gather together of your non-Paleo foods, everything from grains, cereal, vegetable oils, and beans, to yogurt, cheese, milk, packaged foods, and toss them in the trash. That’s right; rid your home, office, and anything else of anything not from the Paleolithic era. (Want to know more about what counts as Paleo? See this article – http://drlanesebring.com/how-paleo-is-taking-the-dieting-world-by-storm/) Getting rid of everything at once removes the whole burden in one fell swoop. It’s a lot easier to avoid the temptation of old habits if your old habits are out of sight.

However, if you are more comfortable taking small steps towards the Paleo lifestyle, it’s easy to start making the switch. For your first week try eliminating dairy products from you diet, and maybe refined grains the next. Remember, we’re going back to a proven diet from before the dawn of agriculture. Eliminate all grains in week four and suddenly you’re on the right track to a Paleo diet.

Try Following The 85/15 Rule

Once you have gained steam with the diet, some experts recommend using an 85/15 approach. This means that 85% of your meals are exclusively Paleo, but you maintain a 15% cushion for non-Paleo foods. This is a quick way to start feeling the benefits of Paleo dieting and build good habits while staying guilt-free. Be sure to monitor how you feel after non-Paleo meals to gauge the difference in you body. Many people find that after eating months of a Paleo diet, going back to processed food is a shock to the system.

Start Cooking With Fresh Recipes

Because Paleo is based off of whole, fresh foods, it’s easier to whip up meals at home rather than a restaurant where it’s harder to control what ingredients are used. Take this opportunity to experiment with new foods. Maybe even challenge yourself to buy the weirdest-looking vegetable at the farmer’s market and ask the seller for advice on how best to prepare it. You can also search online or invest in some Paleo cookbooks for inspiration so your meals stay flavorful and aren’t just plain seared chicken breast with plain kale and carrots.

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