6 Awesome Ways to Motivate Yourself to Start Working Out Earlier

6 Awesome Ways to Motivate Yourself to Start Working Out Earlier

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Have you ever noticed that when you work out earlier, preferably in the morning, you feel more energy and become more productive all day? That’s no coincidence because a morning workout has many benefits for the body and mind. To name a few, your energy levels will be higher and your metabolism will be jumpstarted. However, waking up earlier in the morning to exercise is easier said than done. Many of us would rather hit the snooze button than put on our gym clothes.

To help you out, here are some cool tips to help you motivate yourself for early morning workouts:

1. Get prepped the night before – pack everything you need in your gym bag like sneakers, keys, headphones and so on. Lay the bag in a chair next to your bed. Additionally, lay out what you’re planning to wear to the gym for the following day. So when you wake up, you can just put on your clothes, grab your bag and go.

2. Get a morning workout partner – it’s just so easy to skip out on a morning workout when accountability is not in the equation. So get a friend or family member to become your workout buddy. Just like that, going for a morning workout becomes easier when you know someone’s counting on you.

3. Find a nearby gym – lengthy travel time is one way to ensure that you lose motivation in the long run. However, if your gym (or any preferred exercise location) is just a 10-minute walk from home, then you will be more inclined to wake up early and exercise.

4. Plan a reward – once you manage to go for a whole week without skipping any morning workouts, make sure that you give yourself a treat whether it’s a rich iced latte or a new pair of socks. You can even reward yourself after a successful morning workout.

5. Pair your workouts with a healthy diet– you’ve probably heard this over and over. The direct benefits of pairing exercise with a healthy diet is the way to succeed. If you’re looking to go about changing your diet, try the paleo diet. This diet focuses around natural products, nothing that is manufactured or artificial.

6. Remember the results – always remind yourself of the benefits of getting in successful morning workout. Remember the energy you feel after working out in the morning. Remember how you feel extra productive because of that energy pulsing through your body. Remember how free you feel after crossing your workout off your to-do list.

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