7 Reasons Every Man Should Consider Testofen

7 Reasons Every Man Should Consider Testofen

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Testofen, a patented form of Fenugreek extract has the capacity to boost testosterone. The extract contains hundreds of natural phytochemical constituents like steroidal saporins and furostanol saponins. Fenugreek is standardized for 50 percent Fenuside and offers several benefits with no side effects. It comes as no surprise that many testosterone boosters on the market contain Testofen.

Testofen is standardized to proprietary matrix determined by Gencor. The matrix also incorporates saponin glycosides called Fenuside. These constituents are known to support muscle mass gains, the reduction of Andropause symptoms in men, boost free testosterone levels and promote healthy sexual desire.

A number of research studies have shown that supplementing diets with Testofen products and regular exercises is a sure-fire way to maintain healthy levels of free testosterone. Doing so helps enhance a variety of bodily functions.

Key Benefits of Using Testofen

Some of the key benefits of using Testofen include:

1. Sexual function and performance

Fenugreek has always been associated with the ability to fan sexual desire. A placebo-controlled clinical study conducted in Australia supported this view. Participants achieved a significant increase in sexual performance, function as well as satisfaction. Researchers also noted that the quality of life measures were drastically improved. These include well-being, energy levels, and muscle strength.

2. Andropause Testofen Benefits

Testofen has the capacity to drastically lower symptoms of Andropause. This was corroborated by the results of a randomized, short-duration human clinical trial involving up to 120 male subjects aged between 40 and 75. The participants reported having normal symptoms of Andropause but were healthy. They started noticing a reduction in symptoms between week 6 and 12 of active treatment. As a result, the group also experienced an improvement in sexual health.

3. Free testosterone and performance

Testofen provides a viable way to increase free testosterone and performance. A recent study showed statistically significant results as evidenced by increased anabolic activity. In addition, the subjects noticed a significant support for free testosterone. The same applies to support for prolactin, serum creatinine levels, immune support, and a reduction in body fat. The study also showed that participants maintained muscle size and reduced body fat while maintaining overall weight.

4. Muscle mass gains

According to a report published on the Gencor website, Testofen has both androgenic and anabolic properties. This enables it to mimic the effects of testosterone, which is critical when aiming to build muscle. This makes it easier for anyone to enhance the effects of resistance training. For this reason, experts recommend adding Testofen to any diet and exercise regime for purposes of maximizing gains.

5. Inflammation

Inflammation is known to cause havoc in the body in a variety of ways, including affecting the endothelium and arteries. Fortunately, fenugreek can help counteract the effects of inflammation.

6. Blood glucose control

When it comes to blood glucose levels, fenugreek boasts near magical powers, especially after meals. The glucose levels typically rise after eating and the situation gets worse as one gets older. A number of studies focusing on animal models have demonstrated that the extract does provide an effective way to control glucose levels.

A spike in glucose affects testosterone levels, hence the need to maximize control. On the other hand, fenugreek is useful to diabetic and insulin-resistant individuals. Scientists are convinced that the extract achieves this objective by lowering the oxidative (free radicals) load that occurs after a meal.

7. Weight loss

Several studies conducted on animal models have shown that fenugreek helps lose weight. The trials singled out animal models with insulin resistance and diabetic-related issues as the main beneficiaries. This is particularly encouraging because people with diabetic-related problems often find it extremely difficult to shed some pounds.

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