Easy Exercises to do at Home That Still Provide a Good Workout

Easy Exercises to do at Home That Still Provide a Good Workout

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With our busy lives time management is impossible. We have to worry about work, family, errands, eating right and that’s just scratching the surface. Some times it seems impossible to really carve out some time from our busy schedules to work out. Even though we know how important it is to work out, it just doesn’t always agree with our schedules.

Listed below are five exercises you can do from the convenience of your home with no fancy equipment needed!

Chair Twist


This exercise targets the lower and upper abdominals, obliques, and hips. To complete the exercise stand with your knees bent and feet together. Raising both arms parallel to one another, rotate your torso to the right having your elbow outside of your right knee. Hold for 5 seconds and return to your starting position. Repeat on the opposite side. Do this for 10 reps each side.

Knee Lift-Leg Kick Combo


This exercise will help to target your legs and your obliques. Lie on your right side with your upper body supported by your right elbow. Stack the leg and hip, and lift the top leg keeping it level then lower it. The bottom leg should be hovering about 1-2 inches from the floor. Repeat for 30-40 reps then switch sides.

Opposite Arm and Leg Lift

This move will help to tone your core and establish balance. From all fours, reach your right arm forward while stretching your left leg back. Hold for 5-10 seconds and then repeat using the opposite arm and leg. Do this 5 times on each leg.

Tricep Dips

This move will really help to focus attention on your triceps. Find a chair or table about 12-16 inches off of the ground. Lie with your arms behind you, and hold onto the surface (your legs and torso will be in front of you supported by your arms). Bend and straighten your arms forcing isolation on your tricep muscles. Complete this same motion 20 continuous times.


This very simple exercise will help to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles. Lay in a pushup position, with your arms bent at the elbow (put your weight on your forearms and toes). Hold that position about 6 inches from the floor for 45 seconds – 1 minute. Repeat 3 times for a serious burn. Health.com shows you 20 different planks to help strengthen your core.

These five exercises listed above don’t take much time and can be completed from the comfort of anyone’s home. You can do bodyweight exercises to help gain muscle from the comfort of your home, too. Now, there are no excuses why you couldn’t work out today!

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