Five Reasons People Tend to Switch Over to the Paleo Diet

Five Reasons People Tend to Switch Over to the Paleo Diet

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It’s easy to be lured in by false promises given by many so-called “fad” diets. Many of them promise extreme weight loss but there’s usually a big catch. Many of them would require you to go through complete starvation in guise of calling it “cleansing.” It makes you wonder if these so-called diets even promote overall health and wellness at all. If you truly want to become healthy in an overall sense, you can’t go wrong with going Paleo. For starters, Paleo is not a fad diet but a lifestyle.

People have been jumping into the Paleo way of life, and for good reason. Here are some of them:

Increased energy – At first, beginners in Paleo will struggle in terms of energy levels due to lowered carb intake. However, once the body adopts the Paleo lifestyle, energy levels will become higher than ever. Going Paleo will also result in better appetite for good, healthy foods which will only promote better quality of life.

Effective weight loss – Many people realize that they get to their preferred weight and body fat percentage after cutting down on carbs. This is just logical because the primary causes of excess blood sugar and insulin are sugar and grains. Through the process of swapping out these food types with plants and animals, carbohydrate load as well as insulin levels are decreased, which allows for effective weight loss.

Lean mass and muscle gains – It should come as a no surprise that Paleo can help build lean mass and promote muscle gains. After all, Paleo eating is based on high protein intake. Pair Paleo with a solid weight lifting routine and you’ll see this benefit faster than you can imagine.

No calorie counting – Many popular weight loss programs require you to count calories for you to see real results. As you might expect, counting calories is tedious especially when you’re doing it all the time. Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or patience for that. Paleo encourages eating whole, natural foods until you’re satisfied.

Eat amazing, healthy foods – Most diets will require you to eat absolutely bland foods which is simply not sustainable in the long run. The Paleo community is filled with enterprising, creative folks who cook up (pun intended) amazing Paleo-friendly recipes. If you have anything to worry about Paleo, it’s not the blandness or lack of variety of the foods.

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