How to Talk About the Paleo Diet to Those Who Don’t Understand It

How to Talk About the Paleo Diet to Those Who Don’t Understand It

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Ah, the Paleo diet! There is no doubt that one of the most popular diet programs in the world of fitness right now is this caveman diet. The Paleo diet is of course the way of eating that is similar to our Stone Age ancestors. With Paleo receiving a lot of attention from the media, it’s no surprise that many people are interested in trying the diet. If you’re a hardcore Paleo eater, you will know that explaining it to beginners can be rather tricky.
So today, we will share some of Paleo’s “need to knows” that a beginner can truly benefit from.

Paleo is Natural and Healthy Way to Eat

With Paleo, you eliminate all of the processed, refined foods and only eat the natural, healthy types. This basically implies food that you can hunt or find like meat, fish, eggs, greens, veggies, and seeds. This essentially cuts out cereal, pasta, candies and most grains. The Paleo lifestyle will help you to control your weight as well as keep an array of health problems at bay.

Paleo Diet is Different From Primal Diet

The Primal Diet is comparable to Paleo, but features a bit of wiggle room with regards to dairy products and you can find fewer restrictions on the intake of fatty foods. Generally, the Paleo diet encourages high protein with reasonable amounts of fat. On the other hand, Primal Diet is all about high fat and moderate protein.

Paleo is a Lifestyle, Not a Fad Diet

Some people believe that Paleo is merely a “fad” diet – with more time, it’ll eventually fizzle out. However, this is just pure misinformation! The diet program was used for years by our ancient ancestors who had exceptional health and wellbeing. The focal point is on natural food items, not nutritional supplements you could purchase off the shelf or complex meal planning.

Paleo Does Have Fiber

One common misconception of beginners about Paleo is that the food choices provide little to no fiber. This comes from the fact that Paleo eating doesn’t involve fiber-rich food like most types of grains. What these people miss is that Paleo encourages a rather significant consumption of green, leafy vegetables which are of course rich in fiber. In fact, many Paleo practitioners consume more vegetables than your average vegetarian. Following the Paleo diet allows for easy consumption of fiber through vegetables.

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