IQGenex: The Natural Supplement For Your Brain

IQGenex: The Natural Supplement For Your Brain

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IQGenex Review

IQGenex is a health supplement designed to help your brain function at its optimal best. It helps you focus better and supports every vital brain-related activity. In real life, all of this goodness translates into a potent study aid, morning energy booster, and memory enhancer.

Backed by Science

Unlike quite a few other health supplements for the brain, IQGenex has been scientifically proven to work. And it’s also safe, more importantly. Generally, supplements for the brain put the heart under pressure. IQGenex delivers caffeine releasing it at relaxed intervals, ensuring the heart doesn’t enter overdrive mode. Whole green coffee powder (WGCP), which is a primary constituent of IQGenex, comprises organic caffeine extracted from the fiber of raw coffee beans.

Cleveland Clinic conducted a study on WGCP. Cleveland Clinic is a not-for-profit entity and is known for not endorsing any medical product or service with ulterior motives. The medical center carries out clinical trials and presents the study’s findings and facts. According to the institution, WGCP increases concentration and focus for five to six hours sans any side effects. The study incorporated the withdrawal design for examining WGCP’s differential effects. The study looked into WGCP’s influences on neurotypical individuals to perform executive functions linked with spatial working memory, sustained attention, impulsivity, and response inhibition.

Working Mechanism

As mentioned, IQGenex knows how to deliver caffeine to the human body. Generally, energy shots, energy drinks, roasted coffee, etc. deliver caffeine a bit too quickly. When ingested without tabs, caffeine could cause nervousness, insomnia, stomach irritation, restlessness, and an augmented heart rate. As a result, the brain is able to replenish its dopamine levels without wearing itself off. The positive effects from the supplement could take some time to surface, but that’s what you need since it’s ideal for long-term use.

This controlled pace is essential to master cognitive tasks quickly, which makes you quite efficient at your job. The speed that your brain functions at and at times the differentiation between failure and success is the lack of nimble thought-process. IQGenex provides that and fills up the gap.


IQGenex is a supplement meant for the brain, so most of the benefits derived would be relating to your cognitive abilities. But since the brain is the hub of all functions within your body, any positive impact on the brain would likely be beneficial to the body as a whole. The best part about IQGenex is that there aren’t any side effects to the supplement as it is a natural product. The supplement is an appetite booster and makes the brain capable of functioning at optimal levels for a stretched time period.

The brain would not feel tired during periods when it’s used to feeling worn down, such as when under the heavy influence of alcohol. This doesn’t mean that IQGenex would override every negative effect that alcohol would have on the brain. However, IQGenex would certainly bring down those effects considerably. This quick and improved thinking ability means being mentally able to tackle academic pressure and address personal issues with tremendous ease.

IQGenex is available exclusively through the manufacturer’s website, The manufacturer is also offering a risk free trial so you can try the product for yourself. Give it a try today and give your brain the fuel it needs for school, work, and everyday life.

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