Popular Exercise Plans That Are Easily Combined With The Paleo Diet

Popular Exercise Plans That Are Easily Combined With The Paleo Diet

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If you have been looking into exercising or fitness in general, then you would have no doubt encountered the Paleo diet. Basically, Paleo eating is about avoiding contemporary agricultural food items like bread and cereal, as well as stay away from processed foods, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and just about everything that our Neanderthal ancestors wouldn’t have labeled as real food. So if you are going to get into the Paleo lifestyle, you are probably thinking: “if I’m going to eat like a caveman, how do I perform exercises like one?” For inspiration on paleo recipes to make at home, take a look at the “Paleo Recipes” tab on the website.

What counts as Paleo exercises?

Ancient human beings likely didn’t have Pilate’s reformer machines, nice weight-lifting equipment, or a gym membership. Even though there are benefits to these contemporary fitness amenities, it’s possible to develop a spectacular and fit physique utilizing a selection of movements which are referred to as “multi-joint” or “functional” exercises. These types of paleo exercises integrate the same forms of movements our primitive ancestors might have had to perform to survive in an unpredictable environment. Take a look at this pre-made fitness plan for some added fitness motivation.

So what I’m saying is that, you will be fine just doing body weight exercises. Below are some of the best bodyweight exercises that you should do when making use of the Paleo diet:

Squatting – is well considered to be the holy grail of bodyweight exercises. Squatting is simply bending at the knees and hips while at the same time making sure you keep your back straight. You can perform this with your body weight or you can hold a weight to your chest.

Bending – for Paleo exercises, bending refers to the flexing and extending to the waist. For Paleo-like movement, you are essentially bending down in order to lift or throw a thing overhead.

Lunging – this exercise is performed by stepping forward using one leg, then bending the other leg at the knee. For its relation to Paleo movements, it’s like throwing a heavy object like a rock or pushing an object like a caveman’s spear. Try stepping up to a bench or chair for about 20 reps for starters.

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Pushing and Pulling – some of the best exercises to get fit involve pushing and pulling. For pushing, you can try to push a heavy object or push it overhead. For pulling, you can perform very common Paleo exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, or performing rows using a weight.

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