Six Ways to Wake Up More Motivated in the Morning

Six Ways to Wake Up More Motivated in the Morning

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We all know that early morning feeling – it’s like we couldn’t hit the snooze button fast enough. Starting the day motivated and ready to tackle the myriad challenges of life can be one of the hardest things to do. If it were so easy to do everyone would be living the lives of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. The fact remains that we all need a little help now and again to staying focused on out goals in the morning. While countless articles on the web paint getting motivated as easy and straightforward, it’s much easier on paper than to put into practice. But making a change to your morning routine is the first step to maximizing your potential throughout the day. Learn more about me, Dr. Lane Sebring with this fantastic review.

Here are six ideas you can start using today to get more motivated in the mornings.

Make Your Biggest Goals Easy To See

This idea speaks for itself. Try keeping a white board or poster in your bedroom with your biggest goals and dreams in plain view. Each morning you should wake up to a consistent reminder of what you’re working towards. This may sound extreme, but studies show that our brains need constant reminders to stay focused on long-term thinking. Manifesting those fuzzy ideas and dreams into a physical space creates a massive psychological shift; when the “whole world” can see your dreams you might start feeling more motivated to reach them in trying times.

Listen To Your Favorite Upbeat Music

Make a motivational playlist that helps you start the day with a massive kick to the dopamine receptors! Listening to your favorite up-tempo music in the morning is a classic way to shake off the fog of sleep and put you in the right frame of mind. Not only does listening to music make your morning routine far more enjoyable, our favorite songs trigger deep-seated chemical responses that can help us feel more alert and happy. Tapping into the emotional power if a pumped-up song may be just what you need in to mornings.

Wake Up To The Smell Of Coffee

This technological marvel pre-dates Twitter, Facebook, and the smartphone revolution, but the self-timed coffee machine could be your “next-big-thing.” App-integrated or not, a timed coffee machine can remove a critical step to reaching that much-needed boost from caffeine. Not only does it cut the time of your morning routine, waking up to the smell of fresh coffee makes the morning that much more inviting.

Stay Away From Screens

Doctors recommend at least 15 minutes of screen-free time in the mornings immediately after waking up. Whether this sounds like an impossible task in today’s reality or your wishful thinking, the fact remains the same. Staying slightly removed from the ever-present stream of information our phones and laptops can provide keeps us mindful of the true tasks at hand. This is not to mention the harsh blue-spectrum LED light that make early mornings off-putting.

Focus On Today: Set 3 Goals For Yourself

Think small! Agonizing about the demands of the day is a surefire way to lose your motivation to get started in the morning. Try setting three attainable goals for your day and plan how you’re going to accomplish them. Following through on this list early in the day sets puts you on the right track for success.

Stretch And Drink A Large Glass Of Water Immediately

Our physiological state in the morning can take a serious toll on our ability to get going mentally. Many of us forget to hydrate thoroughly before bed, and by the time we wake up dehydration has sapped all will to get motivated. Drinking a large glass of water is essential to starting your day at peak performance. Pair getting hydrated with a simple stretching routine to get your body ready for the day.

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