Testofen Review: Will This Ingredient Work For You?

Testofen Review: Will This Ingredient Work For You?

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Coupled with resistance or strength-training exercise and eating well, supplements containing Testofen are great for men who want to enjoy improved health, a more attractive physique, and an overall better quality of life.

We’ve featured Testofen before and wanted to follow up on that with a more detailed look at each Testofen product. Testofen is made and patented by Gencor Pacific Inc. and has performed well under clinical research. It’s important to note that because the effectiveness of many ingredients contained within supplements are never put to the test, especially in controlled environments.


What is Testofen and Who Is It For?

Testofen is a natural and specially formulated ingredient made from fenugreek extract used in health and wellness supplements designed for men who are looking to improve their free testosterone levels and the symptoms that come with it.

As men age, their testosterone levels can significantly decrease. This decrease in testosterone levels can begin affecting men as early as 30 years of age. Of course, the sooner men are able to recognize the symptoms of low testosterone, the sooner they can begin to take Testofen-based supplements to treat the same.


Does It Work? How-To Improve Low Testosterone Symptoms With Testofen

As a natural ingredient, Testofen works with the body’s natural chemical composition, in much the way that testosterone would. As such, much of the benefits that men enjoy from having healthy levels of testosterone, they will also enjoy from using Testofen products. Such benefits include:

  • Increased Energy & Endurance

Having more energy and stamina will result in Testofen supplement users enjoying and getting more results from their workouts or other physically demanding activities.


  • Burning Fat & Increasing Muscle Mass

As men experience a drop in testosterone levels, they are likely to have more fat deposits and decreased muscle mass. However, the opposite may also true when testosterone levels are healthy and addressed with the use of supplementation.


  • Increased Libido & Sex Drive

A healthy sex-drive is an important part of a man’s identity and confidence. Additionally, a man’s sex-drive goes hand in hand with his testosterone levels. Healthy testosterone levels result in a healthy sexual drive and increased sexual stamina.

The mind-body benefits make products which contain Testofen effective for men looking for an edge. Of course, being that these products are supplements, it is important to maintain a healthy diet while taking them. Testofen products are not replacements for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Instead, these supplements complement an already healthy way of living.


What Supplements Containing Testofen Should I Buy?

As is expected when brands ingredients come to market, there are products that are the real deal, and others that are not. Products containing Testofen are no different. It is important that would-be users of these products do their homework and ensure they make purchases from reliable supplement companies and manufacturers.

The following list below are supplements containing Testofen which our team has tried or we’ve read positive feedback left by happy customers.



Nugenix is the best selling men’s vitality product that’s sold in GNC stores. The active ingredient contained within Nugenix is Testofen.


Nugenix also contains key ingredients such as zinc and vitamins B12 and B6 to compliment the effectiveness of the formula.


Nugenix is the best selling men’s vitality product that’s sold in GNC stores. The active ingredient contained within Nugenix is Testofen. Nugenix also contains key ingredients such as zinc and vitamins B12 and B6 to compliment the effectiveness of the formula.

Website: https://www.nugenix.com/


Test X180 Ignite

Another popular supplement containing Testofen is Test X180 Ignite.


Also, sold in GNC stores Test X180 Ignite is different from most other free testosterone boosters due to the inclusion of EGCG to increase thermogenesis. This, in turn, increases fat burning.



There are many benefits that Test X180 offers which men love such as increased libido and caffeine to increase energy and control appetite.

Website: https://www.forcefactor.com/products/test_x180_ignite


Swanson Ultra: Testofen Fenugreek Extract


Looking to consume just the active ingredient, Testofen? We’ve got you covered.


Swanson Ultra has a product which just contains Testofen Fenugreek extract, created by Gencor Pacific.


There are many supplement consumers who just want to try the active ingredient to see if they’re receiving the desired results they’re looking for.  Swanson Ultra gives you that option.


Swanson Testofen Vitamins

The reviews left by customers who’ve tried Testofen “in the raw” are stellar where many men have cited improved performance in the gym, feeling more vibrant, increased mood and sexual energy. If you’re on the fence about trying Nugenix or Test X180 Ignite, going this route with Swanson Ultra is a smart idea.

Website: https://www.swansonvitamins.com/swanson-ultra-testofen-fenugreek-extract-300-mg-60-veg-caps


New Vitality Ageless Male

Another best seller among Testofen products in New Vitality Ageless Male.

New Vitality Ageless Male utilizes Testofen combined with zinc and magnesium. The product manufacturer prides itself in having the right amount of each ingredient as not to skimp on key ingredients that would render the product ineffective.

New Vitality Ageless Male is available in both major retailers including Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aide, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Kroger,  and through the official manufacturer.

New Vitality Ageless Male

New Vitality Ageless Male is one of the top selling Testofen products and is available to the masses through large retailers. Users of this product cite incredible increases in stamina, energy, and in their sex lives.

Website: https://www.newvitality.com/agelessmale-testosterone-freetrial/


What Does The Internet Think About Testofen?

The Internet is filled with independent reviews by users and men’s health and wellness magazines, stores, and other entities. These can serve as a good guide as to what one can expect from the different Testofen supplement offerings available but ultimately, the best way to know if supplements containing Testofen are right for you is to do your own investigation as well as try the product for yourself.

We suggest reading the reviews contained on ConsumerHealthDigest.com and DietSpotlight.com as they are both reputable supplement review site who have put the ingredient to the test, just like us.

Another review we recommend checking out is the one featured on ExpertRatedReviews.com which we feel might be overly critical, but it’s always good to read everything you can while performing your research in order to make an informed decision.


Testofen: Manufacturer’s Money-Back Guarantee

Manufacturers of legitimate products which contain Testofen are usually okay with offering some form of a money-back guarantee. This is typical as the product in question is usually clinically tested and the manufacturer can really put their name behind the product.

Understandably, the exact conditions of the guarantee may differ from one product and manufacturer to the next. Prior to purchasing, always do your homework. Additionally, the three product listed above containing Testofen have stellar reputations and customer service teams in place to

Some manufacturers specialize in making health and wellness supplements of all sorts over many years. As such, they have built for themselves quite the reputation. Purchasing supplements which contain Testofen from the brands and companies listed within this review would be a good place to start.


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