The History of the Paleo Diet, and How It Came to Rise in Popularity

The History of the Paleo Diet, and How It Came to Rise in Popularity

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The term “paleo” means “older or ancient” and therefore the Paleo eating plan took its name from the concept that we ought to be eating the way in which our ancient ancestors ate. The Paleo movement usually concentrates on the idea that we should consume food in a certain manner because the body “evolved” according to what our ancient ancestors (i.e. hunter-gatherers) consumed before the introduction of agriculture.

If you want to get into the Paleo lifestyle, you would want to know about its history and how it became such hit among fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Brief History of Paleo Diet

To know about the history of Paleo, one should know about the name “Joseph Knowles.” He didn’t exactly coin the term “paleo” but he definitely provided this sort idea for an alternative diet plan. Around the year 1913, Knowles he conducted an experiment in the wild by living like our hunter-gather ancestors. Although he didn’t hunt and gather in order to survive, he basically lived within the forest with whatever food was accessible there ranging from fruits to vegetables. Once he came back, everyone commented just strong, fit and healthy he was.

However, the very first person who coined the term “paleo diet” was gastroenterologist Walter L Voegtin. This was first mentioned in his book called “The Stone Age Diet” published in 1975. In the book, he contended that humans are naturally carnivorous in which a diet that would provide us with an ideal health whilst keeping us healthy and strong would be to use a diet which our ancestors coming from the Paleolithic era have used – in other words, it’s a time before the agricultural revolution. has a great history lesson on the paleo diet and its popularity.

Rise in Popularity

The rise in popularity of the Paleo diet demonstrates that increasing numbers of people are geting a grasp on the drawbacks of the modern diet. Thus, they’ve chosen to eat like our primal ancestors. It’s rise in popularity can be attributed to the fact that it brings people results. However, there are numerous misconceptions about the diet. For example, many people think that it’s a no-carb diet which isn’t true at all.

Paleo diet is not just for losing weight that is simply a shortsighted way to view things. Fitness buffs and athletes are taking up Paleo because it keeps them healthy, fit and strong. It’s no wonder celebrities like Jessica Biel and athletes like Kobe Bryant are on Paleo.

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