The Pros of Embarking on the Paleo Diet

The Pros of Embarking on the Paleo Diet

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The Paleo diet has been sweeping the nation for the past few years. But, what is all the hype about?

Where Did Paleo Come From?

Paleo refers to the “primal eating” trend. This trend refers to the way our oldest cousins ate millions of years ago. The earliest primates had a diet full of fruits, leaves and insects. Fast forward a few million years and evolution started setting in. Humans began the hunter-gatherer diets with the use of tools and fire. Fast-forward several more million years and agriculture made a real push in their society. Nowadays, the Paleo diet takes into consideration all of these big food milestones. Paleo encourages us to eat like out ancestors did, living off of the land.

Modern Day

Paleo definitely has some fantastic benefits on the human body. In general, Paleo dieters consume three times more produce than a typical American, more fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and more vitamins and minerals. All are great benefits for our bodies. Additionally, Paleo eaters consume significantly less saturated fat and sodium. For more information on the health benefits linked to the paleo diet, please take a look at

What’s for Dinner?

The Main Staples for Those Starting Out on the… by drlanesebring

As stated before, the whole gist of the Paleo diet is to rely heavily on the meat and produce-based diets from our past. Paleo encourages the following foods:

• Animals (this includes all parts, and the diet encourages you to try other parts that may be less popular)
• Animal Products (eggs and honey)
• Vegetables and Fruits
• Raw nuts and seeds
• Added fats (coconut or olive oil, avocado)

The Paleo diet definitely has been gaining momentum throughout the country for its healthy benefits on the body. Paleo is full of beneficial and positive benefits.

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