The Way Of The Superior Man – Book Review

The Way Of The Superior Man – Book Review

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A true measure of a classic book is its ability to gain relevance even after the passage of a significant amount of time. ‘The Way of the Superior Man‘ by David Deida presents an ideal framework for men in the contemporary society to deal with some of the challenges that they face. These difficulties will often arise when they are dealing with women, work, and their sexual desires.

Some of the ideas in the book may prove controversial and even offensive to some people but may also be a source of inspiration for those who choose to learn from it. Despite how one may perceive this book, it will ultimately challenge their point of view on relationships, sex, and masculinity. It is, however, important to note that this book is not only meant for men but women may also enjoy and get inspired by the ideas in the book.

In the way of the superior man, David Deida focuses on the important issues that pose challenges to people. These include career, family, love, spirituality and intimate relationships. Most men will often have questions regarding their real purpose in life, the place of women in their life and how to approach love. It is extremely difficult for them to get answers to this question but the author does a great job in explaining some of the issues that often trouble men.

On love, the author proposes that men should live with an open heart even amidst great pain. Pain, disappointment, insult and hurt are some of the inevitable feelings that a person will experience during their lifetime. Closing down during such a time of pain goes against the true nature of masculinity which is to love. The author proposes that men should strive to live with a hurting heart as opposed to a closed one. He gives insight into the nature of women and how to interact with them to ensure a prosperous relationship.

The book offers some insightful pieces of wisdom on masculinity. People, especially men, often think that one day some changes would occur that will change their situation. The author, however, asserts that making the error of thinking life would one day be complete might cause inaction and despair. It becomes necessary to embrace masculinity by understanding that men are meant to toil, play and love the present moment as long as life continues. He challenges his readers to embrace their suffering since underachievement arises from the fear of death and suffering.

Spirituality is also a key component explored by Deida in The Way of the Superior Man. He opines that true spirituality is the practice of love and openness. Anyone who denies their true desires will be unable to slip into the full openness of love. The modern day society has rapidly progressed with the expansion of social rights, personal freedom, and sexual equality but spirituality has not been fully explored. The Way of the Superior Man is a book meant for men who are ready to move to the next step of their life which is to explore one’s spirituality and oneness with their sexuality.

The Way of the Superior Man offers an excellent read that challenges its readers and gives ideas on how they can improve their life. The book provides a wealth of information that can be useful to the young and even older men in the modern society. It is not only helpful to men, but female readers may also benefit from the principles in the book. Issues of love in the contemporary society are not often discussed making it difficult to find such information.

I think you are likely to find useful information that can help you grow to be a better person. Get a copy of the book and share the information with family and friends to become a better person in your sexual and spiritual life. I highly recommend it!

The Way Of The Superior Man – Book Review

A true measure of a classic book is its ability to gain relevance even after the passage of a significant amount of

The Way Of The Superior Man is an absolute must read. If you're looking to improve yourself and get to the next stage in life, this is an excellent resource to have on your shelf.
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