What Workout Routines are Closely Associated with the Paleo Diet and Why?

What Workout Routines are Closely Associated with the Paleo Diet and Why?

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At the very basic sense, you need a sound diet and a solid workout plan in order to achieve optimum health. If you are already on Paleo, it’s safe to say that you are already on the right track. To make the most out of your Paleo diet, we highly recommend that you adopt a sound workout routine. However, you can’t just go out there and sweat it out, you need exercises that will perfectly complement your caveman diet. Just like the Paleo principle of doing what you’re designed to do, you need exercises that incorporate movement into your life.

To save you the trouble, we have compiled some of best exercises that go nicely with Paleo.


Sprinting is rather self-explanatory: run really, really fast within quick bursts of capacity. Excluding previous injuries, humans are all built to sprint – and that’s why it’s commonplace in Paleo fitness. It develops both aerobic and anaerobic capability while encouraging growth hormone release, body fat mobilization, as well as optimum power development. Quite simply, in order to develop lean mass and burn off unwanted fat, sprinting at least once per week is the strategy to obtain both.

Overall Strength and Conditioning

When it comes to Paleo friendly exercises, it’s hard to do better than Crossfit. True enough, many in the Crossfit circles are Paleo practitioners as well. Crossfit is the way to go for anyone who’s looking to build their overall fitness and strength. This is accomplished by incorporating intense bodyweight exercises with robust Olympic lifting techniques into a program that is designed to meet your fitness needs and requirements. Crossfit is all about building functional strength and stamina which is in line with what Paleo aims to accomplish.

HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

If you are looking for intensity, you can’t go wrong with doing HIIT. On top of your regular lifting or sprinting sessions, it would be a good idea to include a HIIT day. A high intensity exercise day ought to be tremendously exhausting. Here is the day you’re likely to dread, but thankfully it’s just once per week! Find ways to make it count. The crucial element here is actually metabolic conditioning – submitting your body to a consistent onslaught of multi-joint, compound exercises executed rapidly together with minimal rest sessions in order to build up muscular as well as anaerobic stamina.

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